This section is all about creating things in Torque outside the engine code, using the engine's scripting language, TorqueScript. Here you'll find the language reference, tutorials on how to use it, and resources that you can add to your own game. We also have a lot of questions about alternatives to TorqueScript, which we've tried to collect information about on the linked page.

Learn TorqueScript

Guides to the language itself, helpful references, and tutorials for beginner programmers.

Make cool stuff

Here are some tutorials that will walk you through creating cool stuff with TorqueScript:

And here are some resources, which tend to be less learning-oriented than tutorials and more 'here, have this cool thing I made'.

The templates

Torque 3D comes with two script templates, Full and Empty. These two starter projects have a lot of ready-made infrastructure, and some resources are made to work specifically with this scaffolding.

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