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No issues, can be ported directly.


Minor issues, read the special cases at the bottom of this page for more info.


Removed, either it's deprecated or it no longer applies.

ParticleEmitterData map

ParticleData map

Special cases

ParticleData lifetimeMS and lifetimeVarianceMS

lifetimeMS and lifetimeVarianceMS has been changed to PartLifetimeMS and PartLifetimeVarianceMS.

ParticleData spinSpeed, spinRandomMin and spinRandomMax

SpinSpeed, spinRandomMin and spinRandomMax has been changed to spinSpeed and spinSpeedVariance because spinRandomMin is defined as:

Minimum allowed spin speed of this particle, between -1000 and spinRandomMax.

Which was inaccurate compared to the what the code actually did.
I decided to change it completely, and make it more consistent with the rest of the system (lifetimeVariance, ejectionOffsetVariance etc..). Now, SpinSpeed is the desired SpinSpeed, and SpinSpeedVariance is how much it may vary with, simple as that.

Here's a simple formular to convert from the 3 old fields to the 2 new ones.

\begin{align} \text{SpinSpeedVariance} = \frac{\text{SpinRandomMax} - \text{SpinRandomMin}}{2}*\text{SpinSpeed}_{old} \end{align}
\begin{align} \text{SpinSpeed}_{new} = \text{SpinRandomMin} + \text{SpinSpeedVariance} \end{align}

ParticleEmitterData ejectionPeriodMs and ejectionPeriodVarianceMS

ejectionPeriodMS is now ParticlesPerSecond you can translate between the two, with the following formula:

\begin{align} \text{ParticlesPerSecond}=\frac{1000}{\text{ejectionPeriodMS}} \end{align}

The same goes for ejectionPeriodVarianceMS which is now ParticlesPerSecondVariance

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