Port Example

On this page, I'll manually port a ParticleData and ParticleEmitterData datablock. I'll use the DefaultParticle and DefaultParticleEmitter as examples.

As SphereEmitter and BillboardRenderer has feature parity with stock, theses are the datablocks we will port to.

Porting a ParticleData

The DefaultParticle datablock looks like this:

We'll begin at the top:

  • textureName is clearly a rendering property, so it goes into the BillboardRenderer.
  • dragCoefficient is a physics property, so this goes into the ParticleSystem which simulates the particles.

We actually don't have any emission properties, so I'm just gonna list the physics and rendering properties here:

Rendering Physics
textureName dragCoefficient
useInvAlpha gravityCoefficient
colors inheritedVelFactor
sizes constantAcceleration
times lifetimeMS
animTexName lifetimeVarianceMS

There are a few things to handle here though..

  • animTexName is deprecated, and doesn't do anything.. Throw it out!
  • useInvAlpha is also deprecated and is only applied when a blendStyle hasn't been set. So set the blendStyle instead, and throw this out.
  • lifetimeMS and lifetimeVarianceMS has been changed to PartLifetimeMS and PartLifetimeVarianceMS.
  • spinRandomMin and spinRandomMax has been changed to spinSpeedMin and spinSpeedMax because spinRandomMin is defined as:

Minimum allowed spin speed of this particle, between -1000 and spinRandomMax.

spinSpeedMin might be reverted back to spinRandomMin later though. This is still a WIP after all.

The resulting datablocks looks like this:

Porting a ParticleEmitterData

The DefaultParticleEmitter datablock looks like this:

Again we can seperate it into Rendering, Physics and Emission properties.

Rendering Physics Emission
blendStyle ejectionPeriodMS
softParticles ejectionVelocity
softnessDistance velocityVariance

This time we should handle the following things:

  • ejectionPeriodMS is now ParticlePerSecond you can translate between the two, with the following formula: $\text{PPS}=\frac{1000}{\text{ejectionPeriodMS}}$
  • softParticles this is not an actual field, it's just set on the stock DefaultParticleEmitter.. Throw it out!
  • As you may have noticed the particles field doesn't applied anymore and what left out entirely.

The resulting datablocks:

The result

If we merge the resulting datablocks we get the following DefaultParticle datablocks:

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