ParticleEmitters are the components that actually emit the particles. They don't effect how particles behave after that, they are only responsible for their initial placement in the world.

The Rewrite comes with 2 emitters, one is the stock SphereEmitter the other is a brand new MeshEmitter.

The SphereEmitter has the usual 4 fields that usually were located on the ParticleEmitter regarding spherical angles. I.e. Phi-Min and -Max and Theta-Min and -Max.

The MeshEmitter has 3 fields:

  • emitMesh which is the id or the name of the mesh to emit particles on.
  • evenEmission if true, particle emission will be spread evenly along the whole model. This is useful to make sure that a face which is twice as big as another, also emit twice as many particles.
  • emitOnFaces which determines whether particles will be emitted on the vertices or on the actual faces of the model.

An example of how the evenEmission field affects distribution of particles can be seen here:

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