What are ParticleBehaviours

ParticleBehaviours, are small components you inject into the ParticleSystem. Which affect(not control) how particles behave. They can contribute with calculations for particle velocity, acceleration or position.
You could, for example, make a behaviour that would move the particles a little bit to the left all the time. You could also do something more complicated like making the particles attracted to a point in space:

Even more advanced is a behaviour that makes particles collide with objects in the scene:

How to use them

As mentioned earlier, you inject ParticleBehaviours into a ParticleSystem. The ParticleBehaviour you get with the stock Particle Rewrite is the StickyBehaviour.

The StickyBehaviour

The StickyBehaviour is a very simple ParticleBehaviour, that converts the particles to a local coordinate system. This means that they move relative to the object they emit from, this can be useful in lots of scenarios, and is something that is used in a long range of games.

Injecting the behaviour

There is a fixed amount of slots for ParticleBehaviours for each ParticleSystem, you can assign the ParticleBehaviours to one of these slots by simply setting the {ParticleBehaviour[index]} field to the datablock of the ParticleBehaviour like this:

Now, with this simple addition, particles for this ParticleSystem is using a local coordinate system, relative to the ParticleSystem.

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