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Download Torque 3D 3.10.1 Windows and Linux and MacOS (zip, 116MB)


Art/Level Packages

To use these, create a new Full template project and drop these over them.


You can download platform-specific compiled executables, or the entire source repository including all script templates and example assets. The PM column gives the version of the Project Manager recommended for use with the given engine version. Note that full source is available in all package downloads.

If you're confused…
What to download and where to put it


Version Binaries Package Source CMake
3.10.1 Win64 & Linux & MacOS download v3.6.2-v3.7.1
3.10 Win64 & Linux & MacOS download v3.6.2-v3.7.1
3.9 Win32 & Linux download v3.6.2-v3.7.1
Version Package Binaries Source PM
3.8 Win32 & Linux Win32 & Linux download N/A
3.8 Win32 & Linux Win32 & Linux download 2.2
3.7 Win32 download 2.2
3.6.3 Win32 Win64 download 2.1
3.6.2 Win32 Win64 download 2.1
3.6.1 Win32 Win32 Win64 download 2.1
3.6 download 2.1
3.5.1 Win32 download 2.1
3.5 Win32 download 2.1
3.0 Win32 download 2.0
2.0 Win32 download 1.1

Project Manager (PM)

Version Package Source
2.2 Win32 download
2.1 Win32 download
2.0 Win32 download
1.1 Win32 download
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