What to download

If you're new to Torque, this page will walk you through the available downloads you need to get started with the engine.

Latest version

As of the 3.6 version releases, we've structured the release files a bit differently. Now there are several bundled files available:

  • The entire repo this binary contains the contents of the repository at the time of release. It does not contain compiled binaries, or the project manager.
  • Just the binaries the engine binaries themselves, 32-bit and 64-bit varieties, are available for you to download and drop into your existing projects.
  • Full template for those users who want to evaluate the engine, or who just want to use scripts, the Full template, with compiled Windows binaries, is available separately from the main repository for space reasons.

If you're evaluating the engine, or don't want to work in the engine's C++ source code, we recommend downloading the Full template (demo). If you're a technical user who needs the engine's source code, we recommend cloning the git repository directly rather than downloading a zip.

For all 3.6.1 releases, if you'd like to use the Project Manager, you'll need to download it directly from the downloads page.

Quick start

  1. Download the whole repo version 3.6.1 from the links on the download page
  2. Unzip the folder to, say, C:\Torque. The folder should contain the directories shown on the left below
  3. Download the project manager version 2.1 for Windows 32-bit from the links on the download page
  4. Unzip the project manager, and copy the executable and DLL files into C:\Torque, as shown on the left below
  5. Download the engine binaries from the links on the download page (either 32-bit or 64-bit as you prefer)
  6. Unzip the binaries and copy them to Templates\Full\game and Templates\Empty\game, or to your own project, as shown on the right below

Note that you should have more directories/files than shown in this image, and you may not have a Torque 3D DLL.dll file. That's expected! I just wanted to keep the image clear and simple.

Previous versions

Downloads of previous versions are still available from our downloads page. All prior versions include the entire engine repository, compiled 32-bit binaries, and Project Manager binary in one zip file.

Other software

Have a look at the list of available script IDEs, or just use your favourite text editor (Notepad++, gedit, vim).

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