List tools that can be used to make content for T3D. forum thread

Image editing

- Gnu Image Manipulation Program - 2D Images/Textures
- ShaderMap 2
- Ultimate Unwrap 3 This has a pretty good decimator, one can usually get most models down to 50% with very little effort. Any lower and one has to remap the UV.
- inkscape
- substance painter
- krita
- myPaint
- To Make NormalMaps and Specular maps

Object/level editing

- Make Human Character Creator
- Forester Pro - T3D Compatible Tree Model Generator
- Medusa Pro - T3D Compatible Rock Model Generator

Audio editing

- Audacity Audio Creation/Editing
- Voice Bunny is a good resource for getting voice actors, more or less a one stop shop

Compilers and IDEs

- Visual Studio
- Code::Blocks

Script editing

- Torsion | Source code here
- torquedev | Source code

3D Modeling

- Blender3D
- Winds3d
- DeleD
- Sketchup
- milkshape


- TimelineFX editor is pretty good for particles
- Chatmapper This is a design tool for mapping conversations and there is a free version
- For a cheap 3D model library to fill the scenes

More Tools:

Scripting editors and IDEs

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