Particlesystem Rewrite

Project manager: Lukas Joergensen

Working branch: on GitHub

What is the Particlesystem Rewrite?
The Particlesystem Rewrite, seeks to delegate some of the different responsibilities of the particle emitters into several smaller classes, such that you can create different classes with different behaviours, and piece them together to form the emitter you need.

Getting Started with the Particlesystem Rewrite
The first thing you need to do is get a build of the branch, linked above. The branch doesn't come with script changes, so you should replace defaultParticle.cs with this example defaultParticle.cs

Merge with your engine
Assuming you have made some changes to the engine, and want to use the ParticleSystem Rewrite in an older/modified version of the engine, read this tutorial on manually merging the Rewrite into your engine.

Porting the datablocks
There currently aren't any easy way to all your old ParticleEmitter datablocks running in the rewrite. The cost of the rewrite is a loss of backwards compatibility. Therefore you'll have to port every single one of your datablocks.

That said, there is a feature parity between SphereEmitters, ParticleSystems and BillboardRenderers and the current ParticleEmitter/ParticleData setup which helps a little. For the most part you just have to create 3 new datablocks, and copy'n'paste data from your existing 2 datablocks to the 3 new ones.

What's in the branch:

Resources and discussion

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