GUI system pull requests

There are several notable pull requests related to the GUI system which will require significant review. This page will be used to accrue information about each PR and describe the Steering Committee and community consensus on how they should be handled. Should they be merged? Which parts are desirable or undesirable?

Advanced UI Toolkit

See manual uploaded to this page (PDF, 16MB) and
blog post.

  • Allows windows to be popped out from the main window
  • Per-control text and HL colour overrides (i.e. colour values used instead of the profile colour)
  • Mouse-over alpha

more features, as-yet uncatalogued.

UI fixes and additions

  • Adds mViewport to guiTSControl in order to restrict render viewport to a sub-region of the control. This is particularly useful when using a guiTSControl as a container control, as it can restrict the render area to prevent overdraw or dedicate screen space to a panel"
  • Adds event delegates to all controls to improve ability to write GUI code in C++
  • Adds mDataString to base control so all control can carry custom data
  • Adds code support for drag & drop
  • Adds autosizing option to popup controls to improve default spacing (otherwise, dropdown panel can float far below the dropdown control itself)
  • Adds optional frame panel rendering to tab controls
  • Adds RectI alignment and clipping functions to assist in accurate placement of controls relative to their parents or siblings
  • Adds several new GUI controls:
    • GuiIconSpawnerButtonCtrl spawns drag & drop icons. This is similar to the palette control
    • GuiMapCtrl supports a large, pannable image (which I have used for game maps
    • GuiMoveableCtrl is a moveable control. It's based on GuiDragAndDrop, but does not duplicate controls (as GuiDragAndDrop does)
    • GuiUnorderedIconCollection is intended to hold a collection of moveable controls.
    • GuiDecoration provides image rendering without event handling
    • GuiIconControl is icon button that also displays its text label.
    • GuiIconListCtrl is like the GuiTextListCtrl, but for icons
    • GuiIconPopupCtrl is like GuiPopupCtrl, but for icons.

SimEvent declarations similar to script callbacks

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