Where to get help

When you need to ask a question about Torque, where can you go?

The IRC channel

There are often people hanging around #garagegames on irc.maxgaming.net, which you can connect to with your favourite IRC client, or use our web-based client. This is often a good place to go for a quick question, or to just hang out with fellow developers.

The forums

The new community-run forums are here! Come say hello! GarageGames continues to host forums for the Torque engines here, but be aware that most community members are moving away from these forums.


Though it's not too active, some members of the community frequent the t3d subreddit.

Troubleshooting problems

If you have trouble compiling the engine, or you get bugs at runtime, others will often ask to see your console log - this is the file that Torque outputs every time you run the engine, where it dumps debugging information and logs which sometimes have valuable information about what might have gone wrong.

You can usually find console.log in the same directory as your executable, after running the engine. Using a service like pastebin to share this file is recommended!

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