Steering Committee

The Torque 3D Steering Committee is the hand-picked body of community members that is responsible for maintaining the core version of the Torque 3D codebase. The first Committee was chosen by GarageGames, but new recruitments are made by the Committee itself when necessary.

The Committee's day-to-day activities include evaluating pull-requests made to the engine repository, deciding on a roadmap for the engine's future, and of course doing some programming in order to make that happen! The Committee's actions are governed by its Charter, which is displayed below.

The Committee is not the lead development team for Torque, though it tends to consist of people who spend a lot of time using the engine already. It consists of volunteers who are passionate about making Torque the best open-source game engine out there.


  • Jeff Raab
  • Thomas Fischer
  • Luis Anton Rebollo
  • Daniel Buckmaster
  • Fyodor Osokin


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