Gearing the game for multiplayer

So you want to play this brand new game with your friends? Well then there is a few things we need to fix. Unfortunately, I have deliberately made the game non-multiplayer compatible. Now lets see how this can be. You remember the $CoinsFound global which kept track of the player score? This global was defined in the Coins.cs which resided in the Scripts/server directory, and was executed by the scriptExec.cs in the server folder. The Coins.cs is actually set on the server and the onCollision trigger, increasing the score is also happening on the server. So if there were more than one client they would have the same score! Maybe that is what you want but that is not what I would want for my awesome coin collecting game. So lets change this code.

Now lets begin, first I will tell you something about dynamic variables. TorqueScript has something called dynamic variables which is a very simple but very smart concept. Basically you can define any variable on any object by assigning it to a value.

We can use this to keep track on how many coins each client has picked up!

So what is this ClientGroup I talked about? The ClientGroup is a collection of all the clients who have joined the game. We can use this group to access all the clients and send global messages or iterate through them to find the winner.

Implementing multiplayer support

Lets start with the simple things. A little task. Remember the Scripts/client/commands.cs? We need to edit this file and add a clientCmdShowDefeat. Create this function, you can use the clientCmdShowVictory as a template. We also need to edit the Coin.cs file. Change the onCollision function to something like this:

The first thing you should notice is that we swapped the $CoinsFound out with %col.client.coinsfound so that now the score is on a per-client basis. Then we changed the wincondition out with a new iterative loop where we find the client with the highest amount of coins found and put him in the first place. All the clients who did not come in first place will get a defeat message. If someone has higher score than the former first place he will get a defeat message.

Now your first multiplayer game should actually be working! Try opening 2 instances of Torque, in one of the instances you press "play" then you tick the "host" check box to the left of the Go button. In the other instance you press join, "Query LAN" select the server that comes forth and join the game. Now you can compete with yourself about collecting most coins! Even better, you can host a LAN and let all your friends play your coin collection game with you! Give it a cool name and brag about it a little!

But what can you improve? Use your imagination! I will give you one last task tho, in the above code, there can only be one winner. What happens if two persons have an equal amount of coins collected?

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