Open Vr Setup

OpenVR is an SDK designed to act as an open source library to interface without various VR hardware. Nominally, it's built for Valve's HTC Vive.

This page will walk through setting up your Torque 3D project to work with the vive.

Setting Up Your Project for OpenVR and the Vive

Before you can use the Vive with Torque 3D you will need to download the OpenVR SDK and then recompile your game to include the required source code.

Get the OpenVR SDK

You can download the OpenVR SDK from their github and extract it to a convenient directory. To date, version 1.0.2 of the OpenVR SDK has been tested with Torque 3D.

Configure your project in CMake

Once you have the SDK in an accessible directory, you'll need to configure and rebuild your project with the OpenVR options. To do this, open cmake and enable the advanced options:


You must also utilize Direct3D11 for the rendering mode, as OpenVR currently only works with that.

Run the configuration of the project and then set the option TORQUE_OPENVR_SDK_PATH to point to wherever you put the SDk.

Run generate and recompile and the engine will be set up for the Vive.

Configure your project's scripts

Some changes need to be made to the scripts in order to ensure the initialization of the openVR system is done.

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